About the Book

About the Book

One of the Most Expensive, Iconic and Kinetic Maps of Australia in the World

One of the Most Expensive, Iconic and Kinetic Maps of Australia in the World _ Life Transformed with Creative Kinetic Art, Trash to Treasure by Jose Tugaff Amoloria and Lourdes Villena Amoloria Kinectic Art

Life Transformed With Creative, Kinetic Art, Trash to Treasure

“Jose Tugaff Amoloria, will be known as the one who made a breakthrough in kinetic art, using authentic watch spare parts and timepieces, like Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso who introduced new movements in the field of oil paintings.”

-Willie Vergara, Art Practitioner, CA., USA

Dream without fear. When dreams are nourished with faith and actions, dreams bloom into realities.

Jose, a self-taught artist, had no formal training in art, no scholastic qualifications and had very challenging life experiences as an international sailor, chef, watchmaker and stone mason. How can one be multi-skilled and pass international standards without proper educational training?

This book will make you rethink how adversity, grief and loss can cause so much pain, and yet these life challenges can facilitate creativity, and be transformed into gifts and blessings for a meaningful and productive existence.

This book is a three-in-one book

  1. A beautiful catalogue of one of a kind, kinetic, iconic structural art pieces made of authentic watch spare parts, some trashed items and took more than 27 years to finish.
  2. This is a true to life inspirational life story of artist, JT Amoloria whose blessing of productive creativity inspired with faith in God had helped him create very rare art pieces and cope with chronic grief and achieve more dreams.
  3. Practical experiential life lessons learned that reader can reflet on and be helped in achieving life goals despite unsurmountable challenges

Get inspired by faith and determination that changed the course of life, and be entertained by the unconventional ways Jose educated and equipped himself with skills to achieve dreams and goals. The one-of-a-kind masterpieces in this book and Jose’s life are testimonials that creativity can really transform lives. Miracles do happen, and anyone can manifest miracles if they sincerely believe in themselves and in the intervention of the unseen power of the Supreme Creator.

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Publication Date

January 16, 2024